Advertise For FREE

How does it work?

By investing in your own product/service

Instead of paying us to advertise you instead invest money into your service/product by offering up something for free no purchase necessary. The only cost is the cost product/service and only when someone comes in to redeem. NO startup fees and NO redemption fees collected. All revenue from upsells and additional purchases is yours to add to your bottom line! 52%+ report purchasing something in addition to their free offer! It is the ultimate “pay for performance” type of advertising.

Track Redemptions, Views, Shares & Additional Purchases!

With WhutsFree, it is easy to track the success of your ad with metrics tracking on redemptions, views, additional purchases and shares. Unlike some other forms of digital advertising where you can only view how many people have clicked to view more about your business, you can track the number of true redemptions and the true impact it has had on helping you grow your sales and customer base.

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