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Grow your business with the ultimate pay for performance platform. Changing the way businesses think about marketing and advertising. You don’t pay us a dime, invest in what matters most to you, your products and services!

How It Works

  • You decide on a free no purchase necessary offer to attract new customers.
  • Only invest money in your service/product.
  • Ultimate pay for performance platform!
  • Increase customer frequency with a bounce back offer.
  • Great Experience = Sharing with family and friends.

Does Free Really Work?

YES! In fact it is powerful!

Why does Costco Offer Free Samples? Or Why Does 7-Eleven Give Away a Free Slurpee? BECAUSE IT WORKS!

Logic dictates that giveaways like 7-Eleven’s Free Slurpee Day should cost the company money: People come in, get their freebie and walk out.

But What Actually Happens?

  • Many additional non-regular customers come to the store
  • Many make additional purchases besides their FREE item
  • Many upgrade to a larger size

This leads a 51% increase in foot traffic and 38% increase in sales on just that one day even with giving away 4.5 million in drinks for free! FREE is powerful and can be a huge win for your marketing strategy.

Research has shown the Law of Reciprocity kicks in on FREE offers and leads to longer-term big wins for businesses! Even beating out standard discount coupons and end of aisle displays in the long-term effect and leading to increased profits not only on the item being given away for FREE but for all sales! FREE offers build a positive brand introduction to new customers and increased brand loyalty for existing customers.

Advertising Services

Which Platform Works Best For Me?

Web Offers: We link users through the app to your webpage to redeem the offer.

Provides visibility of your brand and products/services to all app users across the United States!

Brick & Mortar Offers: Walk-In/Dine-In only redemptions. App users come into your business to redeem the offer.

Visible to all app users in your state. Build your brand recognition in your area!

Are you a business who offers your products/services both online and through a brick and mortar location? Ask us about creating ads for both! Expand the brand and take advantage of our full audience to grow your business!

Why You’ll Love Us

What’s better than free? There has never been a more affordable and risk free way to advertise your business.

  • Quick & Easy For the Business Owner. We build the ad for you! All you need to do is review and approve.
  • Don’t Need to Bid For Ad Space and Visibility. You are always visible on the app!
  • Social Media Influencers. We work with influencers to highlight and grow the businesses we work with!
  • Challenges Traditional Advertising. No need to spend money on advertising in hopes to attract new customers. You don’t pay us a dime! Only invest when someone redeems the offer and only on your product/service.

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*You can add the Base package onto any paid package

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