Brick & Mortar Offers

Extend Your Reach In Your Community!

Gain access to our audience in your state with a local in store offer. We have app users all across the United States and our audience is constantly growing.

How Is WhutsFree Different From Other Advertising Platforms?

No Upfront Costs or Payments Traditional forms of advertising you pay upfront and then have to hope as an owner you recoup the money with traffic brought in by the ad. With us you don’t pay us anything, you only invest in your product/service.

No Cost To The Business Owner You do not spend any money with us in advertising the only money you ever spend is invested in your product/service.

Control Over Max Redemptions With traditional forms of advertising, coupon clippers can redeem the offer multiple times. On our app they can only redeem as many times as you set a limit for (our most common is once a month).

Creates Opportunities for Upsell The brick and mortar ads are for walk-in/dine-in only which creates a great opportunity for businesses to upsell at the register and make money on that first visit! A majority of app users are making an additional purchase on that initial visit!

Internal Upsells It is built into the app with our “What Else” section to point app users at your other great products and services to get them thinking about what else they can purchase to go along with their free offer!

How Does It Work?

  • Create an offer for a service or product for free, no purchase necessary to attract new customers.
  • Create a bounce back offer that we send as a push notification the next day to increase customer frequency and generate a returning/regular customer.

The App

Redeeming An Offer

Gamification Of The App

Whether you are currently marketing or are looking for ways to break into advertising this is a great no cost and low risk way to extend your brand and drive in new customers and additional revenue!

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