Family Friendly Guidelines

Family Friendly Guidelines

WhutsFree prides itself in being a “Family Friendly” app. Because of this, we maintain ratings with the app stores that show our app is suitable for all ages (E for “everyone” on Android & 4+ on Apple)

In order to continue to protect and maintain our “Family Friendly” reputation, all businesses advertising on WhutsFree must agree to the following guidelines:

The Merchant shall not create any offer for any of the following goods or services. 

  1. alcohol, tobacco, CBD or vaping
  2. marijuana and other illegal substances under federal or state law; 
  3. gambling or illegal activities;
  4. firearms or ammunition
  5. sexually explicit content or nudity;
  6. any other content not suitable for all ages
  7. no use of profanity or crass language

WhutsFree may decline or delete any offer that is determined to violate our Terms and Conditions or any law or other restriction stated above.

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