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Grow your business without taking from your marketing budget!

Typically when advertising as a business you get hit 2x to advertise once for the cost of goods and once on marketing spend (regardless of ad performance). Advertising with WhutsFree is 100% free to the business, no credit card collection and no commitment. Meaning your only spend for growth and new customers is the cost of goods and that is only when your ad is working to bring in new business!

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Grow Business Without Spending

Standard Coupon Industry

Businesses get hit 2x for couponing (COGS & Marketing Spend)

– Businesses pay to offer coupons, regardless of whether customers
– Businesses must honor coupons by giving discounts to customers.

Focuses Only on New Customers

Advertising With WhutsFree

Businesses invest in their product/service, without taking from their marketing budget

– Businesses pay WhutsFree nothing to advertise. (no fees, no credit card
– Businesses only spend is on COGS when someone comes in to redeem an offer.
– It is the ultimate form of pay for performance. And all additional sales go to your bottom line!

Focuses On New Customers & Retaining Customers


Why Businesses Choose WhutsFree

Grow Your Business

WhutsFree extends your brand to our growing audience across the United States for free. App users can “share” your offer extending your brand reach into their networks outside of the app as well.

Get New Customers

Reduce the barrier to entry for new customers with a free offer. Great offer + a great experience = loyal long-term customer, at no advertising cost to you!

Simple & Easy

Be up and running within 1 business day! Submit our contact form to provide us with details on what you’d like to offer for free. We’ll build the ad for you and provide a review link.

True Results

Be confident with your business trajectory. WhutsFree is a location-based app, meaning you always have new eyes on your business. No outbidding for space or visibility.

Creates Upsell Opportunities

Just below your free offer, we have the “Whut Else” section where we get people thinking ahead of time “whut else” they can purchase to go along with their free offer. Have your team align their register upsell with this section to increase additional purchases.

Turns New Customers Into Long-Term, Loyal Customers

In addition to the free ad, we also provide a free bounce back offer. This is a push notification the day after an app user redeems their free offer, bringing those new customers back sooner to spend more money with you.

How Does It Work?


Send Request

Fill out the quick form at the top or bottom of this page with your offer details. Be sure to include information on your free and bounce back offers.


Review Link

After we receive your request form, our team will build your offer and email you a review link. If you would like any edits made, you can request your edits through the link or by replying to the email.



Enter your name and title, then hit approve.


Live On The App!

After your approved offer passes our Quality Check, your offer will go live on the app within 1 business day.

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Customer Testimonials

Brian Randall

Scripture Explorers / Black Hat Media

Ryan Averett

Recover Spine and Sport

Kim Hughes


serviced areas

WhutsFree Across the United States

WhutsFree is available across all 50 states for both local and online offers. Check out where our current highest concentration of local offers are below. We are always expanding and accepting local and online offers for all 50 states!


Your Customers Will Love It & You Will Love It!

The lifeblood of any business is getting new customers. WhutsFree is a great way to get new customers to give you a try. A great free offer + great customer service = a happy long-term customer who will rave about your business to friends & family!

local offers

Brick & Mortar Offers

Gain access to our audience in your state with a local store offer.
– Walk-in or dine
– Increase brand awareness
– Increase foot traffic
– Increase location awareness
– Be visible in your community 

online offers

Web Based Services

Gain full access to our audience all across the United States with your web offer.
– Be visible across all 50 states or in pinpointed locations
– App users are routed directly to your website when they hit
– Most common redemption methods: promo code at checkout, phrase prompt in notes when scheduling an appointment, landing page featuring the free offer
– Don’t have time to build a landing page to feature your free offer? We will build one for free!

Get More Customers!

Grow business and extend your brand reach without spending a dime! Reduce the barrier to entry and introduce your business to your community. Great offer + great customer experience = a new loyal long-term customer.

Which offer type(s) are you interested in learning more about?


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