How We Operate

Wait! This Sounds Too Good To Be True!

How can we, at WhutsFree, make something like this possible? We’re glad you asked! It takes three important groups of people to make this work:

Our Sponsors

Because of the wonderful support of our local sponsors, we are able to bring these incredible deals to you! They are your local community’s real heroes.

Please make sure to thank your local sponsor for giving back to the community in such an amazing way!

Our App Users

This great concept wouldn’t work without our users! Download the app and explore great offers, both local and online. And don’t forget to share these offers and businesses with your friends and family members!

Our Local Business Owners

These are the awesome people who are giving away the free local item or service with absolutely no purchase necessary! They are offering this to help you get to know their business and products better.

However, we hope that while you are there, you will consider spending some money with them to say thanks. It isn’t required but always very much appreciated!

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